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Mobile phone usage while shopping at IKEA

The following text is based on a written interview with the authors. Summary of the study We did our study for IKEA, where we investigated how their millennials use their mobile when they buy kitchens at IKEA. We also studied… Continue Reading →


How do people choose their next IKEA kitchen?

In the spring of 2020, Emma Randau and Frida Tordsson conducted a study at IKEA, where, with the help of eye tracking, one could observe customers’ behaviour when preparing a complex purchase. The eyetracking tests were performed at IKEA’s kitchen… Continue Reading →


What sales sign is the most effective?

Introduction Today’s textile industry faces a problem as it produces too much clothing in relation to the demand. The high level of competition in the industry require the companies to apply different campaigns and sales to successfully sell off the… Continue Reading →


Preventing shoplifting through store environment design

Shoplifting is a serious problem, as almost all stores are exposed to it in some degree. The stores must find a balance between having a customer-friendly environment and preventing shoplifting without offending customer integrity. The purpose of this paper is… Continue Reading →


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