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Detecting ads embedded in native content

The following case summary is based on a written interview with the authors. What is your thesis about? As online marketing and advertising have increased in popularity in recent decades, methods have also been developed to reduce consumers’ recognition ability…. Continue Reading →


What sales sign is the most effective?

Introduction Today’s textile industry faces a problem as it produces too much clothing in relation to the demand. The high level of competition in the industry require the companies to apply different campaigns and sales to successfully sell off the… Continue Reading →


Mobile web usability study of Ellos, H&M and Nelly

Introduction As the use of mobile devices is increasing and the use of laptops and computers is decreasing it is becoming more important to design for better web usability across platforms. The established design principles for web design provide guidelines… Continue Reading →


NA-KD and Bubbleroom – How can their webshops improve?

Introduction In this paper we have chosen to study three aspects of the shopping experience online – navigation, product image and product information, to examine if, and how, the shopping experience online needs to improve in the fashion retail industry…. Continue Reading →


How to make a good first impression with an e-commerce website

Introduction The technical society we live in is in a constant state of advancement and we are continually introduced to new innovative ways of mediating information through. Today, plenty of media channels exist, for organizations to use when they strive… Continue Reading →


How does Generation Y perceive banner ads?

Background In relation to other forms of ads, banner is one of the most appreciated ones. However, phenomena such as banner blindness and ad blocking has evolved, which prevents viewers from embracing the advertisement and act on it. The purpose… Continue Reading →


Preventing shoplifting through store environment design

Shoplifting is a serious problem, as almost all stores are exposed to it in some degree. The stores must find a balance between having a customer-friendly environment and preventing shoplifting without offending customer integrity. The purpose of this paper is… Continue Reading →


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