The primary focus lays in exploring the consumer behaviour and observing the possible ways how to improve and most effectively visually communicate a product through company’s
webpage. The project aims to address current fashion market, where competitive advantage in a form of user friendly webpage and ability to immediately catch the customer’s attention where
desired, might be one of the most crucial elements to success.

The aim of the research is to understand how people view a webpage and if there is a difference depending on if it is a product picture or an environmental picture on the landing page. To have an ecommerce has become a big part of today’s retailing and understanding how to most effectively design a webpage was therefore seen as interesting. We have researched the behaviour and eye movement of the participants on the landing page of a brand’s website so as to be able to confirm or reject the formulated hypothesis. The result of the project will provide a guide for understanding various visual elements of the page and how to effectively organize them in order to increase the profit.

The result proved that attention is naturally drawn to faces and pictures before texts and initial focus is in the center of the picture. In addition, using eye tracking method, the group explored
and described the points of participants attention using derived heat map and gaze plot.