Research questions

The study has its origins in the idea of how events and web shops can encourage each other to increase sales without taking each other out.

Questions that the study seeks answers to are:

  • How does the customer experience the web shop?
  • What is the customer looking at?
  • How does the customer navigate the webshop?
  • How does the customer perceive the spinning doll?
  • How does the customer perceive Milook’s message and philosophy?
  • How does the customer experience the event?

Test method

The study was conducted in two stages: eye tracking and interview.
The respondent was first allowed to perform two assignments using the Milook website. The assignments were registered via eye tracking and film.

After completing the assignment, a short interview was also conducted using a questionnaire.

The selection of respondents was based on 21 women in the span of 25-60 years of age, which seemed to be Milook’s target audience. An invitation was sent via email to employees at the University of Borås.

Eye tracking tests

The first part of the test was to buy a Bella Blouse in white. The respondent was introduced to the first page but then had to navigate to the product pages themselves without help. The purpose of this part of the survey was to see how the customer reacts when it has a given assignment (ie simulate the event customer who wants to buy more goods).

The second part of the test was to buy something the test subject found interesting. Here the respondent was allowed to navigate around the range of goods on the web shop and was asked to take his time. The purpose of this part of the study was to see if there were incentives for the customer to linger and if they looked further from clothes to other parts of the web shop.


The company should think about what is the core of the message they want to convey. They also need to create a unified image for events and web pages, based around the target group. The website has also been found to have too much information in order to be selling.